Computing and Information Technology  v.10

Comprehensive computer science educational software package, where the graphics and calculations are updated to reflect every user change.

THINWORX Server Based Computing Software  v.3.1

THINWORX Server Based Computing Software delivers secure, reliable remote access to centrally managed corporate applications and data. THINWORX ensures business continuity while reducing the time,


HRS Computing  v.2.0.0

HRS Computing simulates the nonlinear optics phenomenon called HRS (Hyper Rayleigh Scattering). This software gets a set of molecular dipolar orientation introduced by the user and then calculates the dipolar and quadripolar coefficients.

Collaborative Computing Project for NMR  v.2.1.4

Collaborative Computing Project for NMR (CCPN)

Distributed Computing for Shells  v.0.2.1

Dcos is a distributed computing package for shells.

Java Grid Computing  v.0.05

JCGrid is an easy-to-use tools for real-world grid-computing.

Mars EVA Computing Environment  v.0.0.1

Mars Eva Computing Environment is a JMF, JINI project that is used to provide a collaborative mission planning & execution environment for furture teams on Mars.

Medical Image Computing Workflow  v.0.4.1

Medical Image Computing Workflow (MICFlow) is a simple, easy but flexible, extensible and powerful workflow system to automate medical image computing tasks such as segmentation, registration and analysis.

Open Framework for Distributed Computing  v.20090407

open-fdc is short for "Open Framework for Distributed Computing".

OpenECP: Open Elastic Computing Platform  v.4.0beta

OpenECP is an open source fork of the Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) following its commercialisation.

Wearable computing library  v.2.202

General purpose programs developed specifically for wearable computing.

Zillion distributed computing Project  v.0.1

The Zillion Project is a distributed computing project based on GNUstep.

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